“Tincture” Has Moved, But Loves You And Isn’t Trying To Replace Your Real Dad

Salutations cadre, this is Mikayla, Matthew’s wife, and I’m addressing you savages so it sounds more important the next time you hear the deep caramel bass of my husband’s voice, or whatever. Last May, The Wayward Irregular introduced a short story series called Tincture, and it’s apparently resonated strongly with the five or six of you who actually fret away the otherwise valuable sections of your life by listening and reading this nonsense. Hey, I love the guy, but not because I’ve watched him molest a breakfast buffet and not because he keeps writing about the bathroom or… or how getting older… I- I don’t know what he writes about. What is this, is it movie reviews? Ah, who gives a shit?

Anywho, the short story has moved out from the Irregular (here), to it’s very own website and podcast (there), and you can find it all at tincturestory.com. The first five episodes of Tincture will remain here, but those five episodes, as well as everything else, are at tincturestory.com. Be sure to click on the “iTunes” link at tincturestory.com, or just look Tincture up in iTunes, or do whatever makes you happy, make your own shoes or count walnuts for all I care. The Wayward Irregular will be returning to the bizarre essay format you’ve grown to love, I’m assuming, and the Tincture saga will continue over at tincturestory.com. It’s a new podcast, there’s a new episode available right now, and you’ll love it. I think. Be sure to follow the Irregular on Twitter and Facebook as everything is announced there. Tincture. Tinc… ture. It’s about weed, right? Doesn’t matter, I live in Colorado, my icky is mad cheap. Okay, Mikayla out.



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